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Quadstar's Master Maintenance List

Posted by John Faddis on

There's a HUGE difference between a 6.5L Turbo Diesel that runs and one that runs well!  Follow our checklist to get familiar with all the nuances and upgrades.

This list is a continual work in progress. Please message us any suggestions you may have.

    • Check your air filter!
      • All diesel engines move a tremendous amount of air.  If your fuel mileage is dropping or you see black smoke, this is the first place to look
      • If you have an "open" air filter (not enclosed), you might want to look into an airbox. For stock turbos, you can swap in a 1997+ RPO Code K47 airbox, or, take a look at the S&B Airbox with dry or washable elements
      • The proper service procedure on the stock fuel filter manager is to use the water drain valve (located on the thermostat crossover housing) to drain sediment and water while the truck is idling.  Do this before removing the old filter so the heavy sediment/dirt can't contaminate the new filter or pass by to the injection pump
          We also offer and prefer upgraded fuel filtration units that completely bypass or replace the factory fuel filter manager (FFM)

    Fuel System

      • Run a quality fuel additive with lube and cetane improver. The entire fuel system has metal to metal contact and modern ULSD does not contain enough lubricants. The additives are designed to address this.
      • PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) relocation with quality extension
        • The PMD is a high speed relay that drives the fuel injection pumps main fuel solenoid which in-turn delivers high pressure fuel to the injectors. The truck won't run without it!
        • If you are having stalling or rough running issues, this is your enemy.  Run our quality USA made unit and keep your old one as a backup
      • Lift pump upgrade or replace
        • Inspect the entire fuel supply system for leaks or cracked hoses. Air intrusion can haunt you
        • Use a temporary gauge or our fuel pressure tap fitting to constantly monitor fuel pressure.  This will be one of your most important vitals to monitor
          • We recommend a minimum of 5 PSI at all times for the DS4 injection pump. It'll "run" with less but you'll be calling us sooner than later for a replacement injection pump
          • Note that 5 psi is a MINIMUM. Any less and there will be a performance decrease plus added wear on the injection pump
          • The 5-15 psi range is acceptable for adjustable lift pumps
      • Recommended fuel injector replacement interval is 100k miles.  We only recommend our Bosch OE quality units
      • Grab an OTC injector socket if you don't have one. This will enable you to remove the passenger side injectors without removing the turbo

    Harmonic Balancer and Pulley

      • The harmonic balancer bolts onto the front of the engine crankshaft. The factory balancer features an offset counter weight and whimpy rubber isolator. This rubber dries out and fails over time, especially when exposed to oil leaks.
      • The pulley bolted on front of the harmonic balancer is rubber impregnated. It can dry out, fail, and leave you stranded. There's a few options to replace or upgrade it.
      • We, however, prefer to always upgrade to a harmonic DAMPER like the Fluidampr. These are filled with a viscous fluid that performs down to -40*F and actually ABSORBS torsional vibrations

      Starting & Electrical

            • Check your battery health and battery cable connections. The positive cable at the passenger side battery is the most problematic as this is where the starter cable attaches.
            • Replace or upgrade your cables, you won't regret it!
            • Clean functional grounds are vital on these EFI diesel engines. Check out your YouTube video for more deails.
              • The glow plug and starting systems on these draw a tremendous amount of amperage
              • If cranking RPM is still slow, you'll never regret upgrading to our starter.
              • Here's an example of unnaceptable slow cranking speed from our customer swc2001:
              • While you're at it, make sure the starter support brace is installed and get one from us if it isn't!
              • Replace starter bolts when replacing the starter. They have a knurl on them that holds the starter tight, and wear is an issue on these critical parts.
              • This isn't a Honda Civic, it's a 21:1+ compression engine with a 60#+ torque converter or clutch bolted to it and 395 c.i. of of iron/friction to turn over through 15w40 oil

          Oil Cooler Line Upgrade & Oil cooler replacement

            • Factory oil cooler lines were great for the assembly line but they aren't great for lasting 20+ years.  The crimp where rubber hose attaches to the aluminum lines can fail and render your engine scrap in a matter of seconds.


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