Due to high demand, tuning turnaround is a minimum of 2 weeks. Current lead times on custom built turbos is ~1 month. Please plan accordingly. We thank you for your support of the finest parts available for the 6.5L Turbo diesel platform!

Valve Cover Studs

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $32.00

Set of 16 Studs and matching nuts to replace factory valve cover stud/nut combos. Eliminate gasket alignment issues and facilitate quick/easy valve cover installation on your 6.2 or 6.5L diesel engine.  If you've ever fought with leaks and mis-alignment before, you know why these are a must-have item.

Another problem these avoid is hydro locking the bolt holes with sealant during assembly which can crack heads and intake ports!  Installing studs will ensure the job goes smoothly.

Allen head broached in studs for easy install and removal

4 long studs included for accessory bracket mounting

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