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EDGE Insight CTS3 Display

EDGE Insight CTS3 Display

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  • 5.096,00 kr

An all-in-one digital monitor for your truck that replaces all traditional style gauges
  • Large color touch screen
  • Get all of your gauges on one screen
  • Data logging built in!
  • User customizable layout and background images
  • Visual and Audible warnings for each input. No need to constantly watch the display.
  • Plug and play installation for 1996+ 6.5L vehicles
    • We have verified the following parameters will display from the OBD2 connection on 6.5L trucks
      • Engine Parameters
        • Engine RPM, Engine Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Boost, Calculated Load, Run Time, Cam References Missed, MAF frequency, EGR statistics (EGR Trucks only), APP position 1-2-3, APP %, Desired Idle RPM, Fuel Temperature
      • Automatic Transmission Parameters
        • Trans Fluid Temp, Input Shaft Speed, Output Shaft Speed, TCC Mode
      • Miscellaneous
        • DTC Counter, Trouble Codes, Battery Voltage, BARO pressure, Lift Pump Voltage signal, Glow Plug Voltage signal
    • Simply connect to the OBD2 port for power and data connection
      • Can be expanded at any time with additional EAS sensor packages
        • EGT, Boost Sensor, power switches, etc.
  • Can also work on 1994 and prior 6.5L or 6.2L vehicles
    • When paired with additional 12v power supply when using EAS sensors! OBD2 port is not required.
  • Suction cup mount is included. Other mounts are available separately.

*Additional EAS sensor packs may be required to display everything you want. Please contact us for a quote where required.


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