Carter Lift Pump Kit

Leroy Diesel

  • $274.99

With the quality of replacement parts available these days, it's nearly impossible to get a stock style lift pump that will function properly and last!  Thus, our genuine Carter lift pump kit with wiring harness and plug and play fittings!  We recommend putting this kit on all stock and tuned 6.5L vehicles to eliminate faulty stock pumps and wiring for piece of mind and longevity of the entire fuel system.  Your injection pump will thank you!

See our other listings for a FASS pump if you want to step up to the next level!

Package Includes:

  • Lift Pump
  • Our modified mounting bracket to attach at stock on-frame location.
  • Milled adapter fittings for stock fuel hard-lines. Bolt in!
  • If selected, full relay harness to bypass the electrical load off the oil pressure switch (OPS).  This harness will retain all factory safety and functionality like 1996+ key-on prime feature.  Also runs new, heavier gauge wiring down to the pump.
    • Kits are available without the relay harness but we always suggest running the dedicated relay with heavier gauge wiring for a bulletproof system. 
    • Additional WTSP (wait to start prime), option, is available for some models that didn't have it from the factory!  This is only available for trucks that didn't come from the factory with a lift pump prime feature. If you are seeing "UNAVAILABLE", that's why. Change your options to the correct ones and you'll be able to purchase the correct kit.

See pictures for wiring diagram and parts list images.

There are a lot of choices in this listing due to GM giving us a lovely array of wiring schemes to deal with. Don't hesitate to contact us to make sure you get the correct setup!

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