DS4-5068S Electronic Injection Pump - ULSD Upgraded

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $1,250.00

Extremely Limited Quantities of this particular pump are available.  This is the 1994 model HD/H.O. pump, fully rebuilt, and upgraded for ULSD compatability with low-friction fuel solenoid components.

This model is only compatible with matching 5068 pump tuning which was factory in 1994 or via our custom tuning on any other model year.

What makes this pump stand out from the rest?

  • The only 5068S pumps currently publicly available.
  • Guaranteed NEW main fuel solenoid (FSOL).  This is the main electronic fuel control component which is driven by the PMD.
  • Complete genuine Stanadyne ULSD upgrade kit installed (see below)
  • Stanadyne authorized rebuild quality, no substitutes.

We only use the best components available including the genuine Stanadyne ULSD upgrade kits ($175 value). The "S" at the END of the model number indicates a pump has been updated (5521S, 5068S, etc).  An "S" before the model number does not mean a pump has this update.  When comparing our pumps to others, keep this in mind because the term "upgraded" can be deceiving!

The following image shows the upgraded ULSD fuel solenoid control parts (bottom) vs OEM parts.  The low-friction coating and design changes stand out.


These particular pumps are rebuilt by a certified Stanadyne tech, in the USA, using ISO calibrated equipment. They are electronically flow tested with the correct PMD calibration resistor (included) to ensure they'll perform on your vehicle and drop-in without issue.

Suitable core return is required with all re-manufactured pump orders, and a pre-paid return shipping label is included in the price.  Your core does not need to be a 5068 model.


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