Engine Oil Cooler Line Upgrade

Leroy Diesel

  • $209.99

These completely replace the failure-prone stock oil cooler lines and quick-connect fittings.  If you see any signs of leaks or don't know how old your lines are, they should be replaced immediately to prevent possible engine damage.  Issues often become evident during winter months where the rubber lines are less flexible and blow due to higher pressures with thick oil trying to circulate.

Custom machined fittings for your stock oil cooler are included that allow this to be a complete bolt-in kit for trouble free operation.  You can opt to include a replacement cooler, if desired, and save vs purchasing it separately.  The replacement 1/2" oil cooler is compatible with all year trucks when purchased in this kit.

  • 1997+ style 6.5L trucks have 1/2" oil cooler line ports on the engine and oil cooler
    • The black hex lower portion of your factory oil cooler should measure 1 1/4" or 32mm if you have 1/2" fittings.
  • 1992-96 6.2L and 6.5L engines have 3/8" oil cooler line ports on the engine and oil cooler
    • The black hex lower portion of your factory oil cooler should measure 1" or 26mm if you have 3/8" fittings.
  • If your engine or oil cooler has been changed from the default factory configuration, you can customize this kit to fit by mixing and matching fitting sizes for the block and oil cooler. For example, if you put a 506 block engine in a 1994 truck, you might need 3/8" fittings for the oil cooler and 1/2" fittings for the engine block.
  • These are for Trucks, Suburbans, Tahoes, and Blazers. They DO NOT fit vans.

If you opt to include both the replacement oil cooler and both sizes of fittings for the engine block, you are purchasing a universal kit that is guaranteed to fit any combination listed above.

Do not treat this ad as a way to buy both the oil cooler hose kit and a "spare oil cooler".  If you select the replacement oil cooler, you will be sent fittings to use the replacement oil cooler ONLY, not your factory oil cooler.  If you are planning something other than this, you must email us for a custom quote.

    During installation, screw all lines onto the fittings until they seat, by hand, then turn an additional 1/4 turn with a wrench to tighten.  All pipe thread connections require sealant while the flare fittings for the hoses require no sealant.  It also helps to attache the hoses to the engine side first, then the oil cooler last.  Please seek installation help via  a professional mechanic if you are not comfortable with this job.

      Please double-check and ask questions before ordering so we can ensure you get the correct parts to complete the job.

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