FASS Lift Pump Kit


  • $418.00

Finally, a premium lift pump for the 6.5L platform.  These have been in service for years on diesel vehicles including one of our 6.5s! 

Great for low ground clearance installations, or applications where larger integrated pump/filter kits will not fit without hanging below the frame.  Accomplish the same task in a more compact, distributed package and support the fuel requirements of all 6.5L applications.

 Georotor design with one moving part and no vanes to wear delivers quiet operation, and dependable fuel delivery.

GeoRotor Animation

 Default pump packaging Includes:

  • Lift pump. Pre-set to 8psi
  • Relay wiring harness
  • Inlet and outlet fittings
  • 1/4" Steel mounting bracket
  • 4 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Add full installation kit (see pictures) to replace everything from the fuel tank sending unit (FSU) to the injection pump with 100% new, upgraded, components. Components are listed above in the options area.
    • Completely replaces/bypasses the factory fuel filter manager FFM.
    • Eliminates the need for a tank strainer sock. We recommend removal of that item when using this kit.
  • Installation kit includes the proper filtration to ensure you maintain the FASS warranty. Don't forget to register the warranty when you receive it.

This item is NOT a direct bolt-in kit for the 6.5L. Some custom work will be required to secure the mounting bracket but is minimal when using our added kit that replaces all the fuel lines and fittings.

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