Banks Power Frequency Input Pigtail, 4 PIN Male


  • $22.88
  • Save $2.54

Frequency input pigtail harness for 5-Ch Analog Module with frequency harness. 6 feet long. Used to wire your custom frequency sensor into Banks 5-ch analog with frequency module. Contains 12v, 5V, Ground and Signal wire leads. Requires the 5-ch analog with frequency Module harness (61301-16) that has the 4-pin Ch-E connector.

On 6.2/6.5 diesels, the signal wire can be tapped into a speed sensor for MPH or the crankshaft position sensor and alternator output signal for engine RPM.


  • Size: 6 Foot
  • Style: Analog
  • Connector Type: Male
  • Sold As: Each

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