Handheld OBDII Scan Tool


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You've landed at the right spot if you are looking for an OBDII scan tool that will work with your 1996 or newer 6.5L Turbo diesel.  We put the leg work in to take the guess work out of finding the right tool for the job so you don't end up with a scanner you can't return when it doesn't do what you expected.

Our custom instruction sheet for the TDCO process is included!

What this scanner CAN do:

  • Real all Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, and Passlock codes on 6.5L vehicles
  • Tell you what codes mean without having to look them up elsewhere
  • Clear codes
  • Read live enhanced powertrain PID's including the vital ones you :
    • Desired Injection Timing
    • Actual Injection Timing
    • Injection Pump Solenoid Closure time
    • TDCO (Top Dead Center Offset)
    • Fuel Rate
    • Fuel Temperature
  • Read Enhanced ABS, SRS, and Passlock data (If equipped per model year)
    • Wheel speed sensors
    • Passlock status. Immobilizer status.
  • Graph specific PID's. Helpful for cam and crank sensor pulses or graphing closure time while driving.
    • Allows you to set your injection pump timing TDCO by using the KOKO command.
    • Works with all other OBDII vehicles.
    • Fits in your hand and stores easily so you always have it with you.
    • Updateable via PC software in the future for other OBDII vehicle compatibility
    • Store codes for lookup when not connected to the truck. It has rechargeable batteries in it for this.
    • Use it in the dark or low light conditions with backlit LCD display
    • No PC, software, or subscriptions required. Simply plug it into the truck and you are in business!
    • Allows vehicle auto selection by VIN or manual model year selection like if you are scanning one of our custom tuned PCM's that needs to be read as a 2000 model year regardless of your VIN.

    What this scanner CAN'T do:

    • Send "Time Set" or "TDCO learn commands".  Only high end bi-directional tools will actually send these commands. However, you can use the KOKO method of holding down the accelerator pedal for 45 seconds to command a TDCO learn, see above.


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