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Spin On Fuel Filters

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $64.99

Build your own spin-on fuel filter setup with our hand-picked components.  These allow you to completely remove the problematic factory fuel filter manager (FFM).  Flow more, add up to 4x the service life, and gain better filtration to stop any debris from damaging your expensive injection pumps and injectors!

Base Kit Includes:
  • 3 Micron water coalescing filter with drain. Enjoy filter change intervals of at least 4x the life of a stock filter
  • High flow filter head with built in 3 hole mount
  • Fitting adapters for air bleed or pressure gauge. 1/8" NPT thread
For a complete kit you should select the following when adding to your cart, or by viewing our other listings.
  • Spin-on filter assembly
  • Straight or 90* fittings for the fuel filter
  • 3/8" Pushlock fuel hose by the foot
  • 3/8" Inlet upgrade for DS pumps if you have a DS4 injection pump

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