Timekeeper Timing Gear Set

Leroy Diesel

  • $275.00

The TIMEKEEPER Timing Gear Set

Keeps your timing very accurate throughout the entire RPM range.  With a chain you can develop slop in a short time and timing is affected.  This Gear set will keep timing very accurate as no slop can ever develop.  It is quiet, can be installed on the P400, Optimizer, GM 6.5 and 6.2 diesel engines. Both van/Hummer and trucks will benefit from this.

Instructions are included. Please select DB2 or DS4 application when ordering as the crankshaft sprockets are different.  A DS4 pump engine has a 4 pole crank reluctor for the crankshaft position sensor to read.

DS4 pump applications - These now no longer require core returns on the reluctor wheel.


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