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Glow Plug Harness

Glow Plug Harness

PT Wiring Solutions

  • $150.00

Genuine, upgraded, replacement glow plug wiring harness for all 6.5L diesels.

  • NEW for 2018 - Exclusive ceramic connections to protect the harness near the exhaust manifolds.
    • 12ga high temp wire, all protected by fusible links and heat shield
    • Longer length to allow better routing like GM did on late models
      • The passenger side wires route across or under the intake, in front of the cylinder head, then back to the glow plugs.
    • Eliminates the small extensions the factory used on passenger side wires

    Two styles are available for different trucks. For 1997-1998 models, we recommend taking a few minutes to peek at which style harness connection you have since there was some mixing/matching at the factory depending on build month.

    • 1993-1996 With one wire that needs spliced to trigger the glow plug light. It is on the drivers side bank of wires.
    • 1997+ With a plug-in trigger wire at the engine harness bulkhead, under the fuel filter manager.

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