Lift Pump Relay Harness

Lift Pump Relay Harness

Leroy Diesel

  • $135.00

A must have for all years of the 6.5L!  This will take the load off your oil pressure switch and run two new, heavier gauge, wires to your factory or replacement lift pump to ensure it gets the steady power it needs to function reliably.  We've also updated them to use a weatherproof, fused, relay.

*Please select the correct model when ordering due to variances in under-hood wiring configuration by model year

Saves your OPS from burning out, provides proper current and voltage to the Lift Pump (LP), Takes the load off your original electrical system. 

Gives you Wait To Start (WTS) Priming. This means while your glow plugs are activated the LP is also on. This primes the fuel system before you actually crank the engine. 

Has an on/off button next to relay so you can turn LP on anytime from under the hood, this is a great feature when you replace the filter element and need to bleed the air out.

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