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Bosch Marine Fuel Injectors

Bosch Marine Fuel Injectors

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $575.00
  • Save $14

Your online outlet for premium quality 6.5L turbo marine style injectors.

Each injector is hand-built with genuine Bosch nozzles. Pop pressures are guaranteed to be within spec and are calibrated using ISO equipment in a licensed Bosch facility.  Remember, just because it says Bosch on the outside, doesn't mean it has the real deal inside!


Marine nozzles = Increased pop pressure without throttling pintle for cleaner, crisper injection events.  The higher pressure and cleaner injection allows you to maximize gains on setups that are modified beyond factory configurations.  We run these marine injectors in all of our trucks that have turbo upgrades to ensure we fully atomize the fuel and get a cleaner, more efficient, burn.  Better throttle response is a great side effect also!

The core deposit fee is required and will be refunded upon receipt of your undamaged returns.  Stock injectors are acceptable core returns as long as they are not off-brand/non-branded bodies.  We do provide pre-paid return labels for USA orders.

Installation kit included ($34.99 Value!), with return lines, return end caps, and an upper intake manifold gasket.  These high-quality return lines do not require you to re-use the troublesome clamps, except on the end-caps.

**You may see other injectors advertised as +40HP or +80HP. This is not a concept that applies to the 6.5L IDI platform, and we refuse to use it.  Fuel quantity injected into the cylinder is controlled by the injection pump whether it be mechanical or electronic style, and injectors alone will not increase your power output unless you are comparing worn out units to new ones.



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