Due to high demand, tuning turnaround is a minimum of 2 weeks. Current lead times on custom built turbos is ~1 month. Please plan accordingly. We thank you for your support of the finest parts available for the 6.5L Turbo diesel platform!

Holset Turbo Oil Inlet Adapter V2

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $19.99

One-piece oil feed fitting for adapting Holset turbochargers to the 6.5L turbo diesel.  Eliminates the need to adapt the stock brass fitting and includes a properly sized oil restriction to control the amount of oil that is sent through the turbo, per Holset spec.  These are also compatible with replacement oil supply lines, assuming they worked with a stock turbo as well.

NEW FOR 2020!

Tested with HX35W, HX40WII, WH1C, HX40W, HE351, HE351VE


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