Holset Turbocharger Install Kit

Holset Turbocharger Install Kit

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $220.00

Complete install kits for customers who wish to acquire their own turbocharger for a "Do it Yourself" DIY install. 

There are 2 styles available due to different backing plate designs on the turbos:

  • Wastegated HX35, HX40WII, WH1C
  • Wastegated HX40W


  • TIG Welded Exhaust adapter with bolts and new clamp
    • Featuring CNC sealing ring for downpipe connection
  • 2.5" silicone coupling and clamps
  • 4x turbocharger mounting bolts and nuts
  • T3 Flange Gasket
  • Oil supply adapter fitting that re-uses the fitting and supply line from the stock turbo
  • Turbo Oil Drain Line Upgrade

Add Ons:

  • 2.5 or 3" V-Band adapter for compressor outlet so you don't have to cut or grind the outlet flange off the turbocharger
    • Choose 2.5" for stock plenums
    • Choose 3" for upgraded 3" intake plenums
  • You can exclude the oil drain kit if you have an upgraded one already. Stock drain lines would require modification to fit

    Also, check out our high flow plenum upgrade to make your swap a complete bolt-on operation without having to trim the stock plenum to fit.

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