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Super 54 Turbocharger Kit

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $1,300.00

Meet the Super 54 performance turbo kit for your 6.2 or 6.5L Diesel!  We offer this kit with the highest quality components available which have been been extensively tested to perform well on these engines and out-last the competition.  With the wastegate set up to 15psi, this will be safe for stock TTY head bolt engines, but can also be turned up on modified engines.

Guaranteed to out-perform and out-last all CKO HX35, HX40, and HX40WII configurations that are available!

We have fitted this setup on everything from a C1500 to a K3500 with 18,000 combined GVW towing across the country to ensure it won't disappoint!

Kit Includes:

  • Brand new, Holset 54mm turbocharger with  our custom billet compressor wheel
    • Since this turbo naturally spools up fast, we optimize the higher RPM performance with our billet compressor wheel to make sure the airflow is there when you need it.
    • Silencer ring is permanently removed to smooth out incoming airflow
    • This is a fully balanced and blueprinted CHRA that has been tested to pressure ratios far beyond what it will see on these engines. Each cartridge is high-speed balanced as a full assembly.
    • Aggressive compressor blade pitch allows the smaller, lighter wheel to out-perform its larger competition while sounding great!
    • Exclusive o-ringed compressor housing ensures CDR oil mist will not weep out.
  • Brand new, genuine T3 flange exhaust housing with ported wastegate. 
    • Great for automatic and manual transmission trucks to maintain consistent airflow
    • 60mm Inconel alloy turbine wheel with custom blade pitch for aggressive sound out the exhaust too!
    • Black Cerakote  ceramic coating is now applied to all exhaust housings
  • Complete installation kit for 6.5L style side-mount configurations
    • 3" exhaust downpipe adapter
    • Oil inlet fitting adapter (adapts your stock turbo oil feed line)
    • Pre-set pressure referenced wastegate controller
    • Turbo to upper intake plenum coupling and clamps (when using our high flow plenum)
    • T3 flange mounting hardware and gasket
  • How is this turbo different from our Super 60?
    • It is smaller, overall, with a tighter exhaust housing and lighter weight rotating assembly. This allows it to spool up faster while retaining the aggressive sound. 
    • Average power in low and mid range is higher due to faster spool up but top end peak power potential is lower.

 *upgraded oil drain line kit sold separately

**This is a fully custom built to order unit that will require some lead time to assemble.  Our pride and joy will soon be yours with a little patience.  Please contact us for more details if you are on a specific timeline.


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