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Engine Wiring Harness

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $205.00

Fits 1994-2002 6.5L N/A and Turbo Diesel engines with the side-mount turbo and the electronic DS4 injection pump.  This is made to upgrade and replace the OEM harness that goes between the rear of the engine and the sensors/injection pump.  

This new wire harness will only mount ABOVE the intake manifold.  We have found this is the best possible solution to keep the entire assembly away from destructive oil and heat!  It also allows a much neater installation.  All terminals are crimped then soldered and wire is upgraded to GXL insulation thickness over OEM.

If you are doing a restoration, engine swap, or chasing random trouble codes with your wiring, this is for you.  We also highly suggest replacing this during any injection pump job while you are already working in the area.

*All connections are labeled in the product photos. Please use them for reference

This product cross references to the following GM part numbers and is cross compatible as a replacement for them all : 10154618, 12557047, 15302629 . DOES NOT FIT VANS or H1 Hummers.


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