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6.5L Performance Piston Kit

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $1,500.00

These start off as STD bore Mahle 6.5L pistons and are modified in a few key areas to address weak points in the stock design.

Introductory pricing on the first few sets!


  • C/R - 19.5:1 with valve reliefs for 1.7 ratio rocker arms
    • This also extends the flame pattern across more of the piston to reduce side loading forces
    • Our goal with these was to get the benefits of modifying the crowns but not reduce the compression ratio much because we can further lower C/R by utilizing thicker MLS head gaskets as follows:
      • .043 Cometic Head Gasket = 19.5:1
      • .056 Cometic Head Gasket = 18:1
      • .070 Cometic Head Gasket = 17:1
      • .076 Cometic Head Gasket = 16.7:1
  • Top crown is coated with a thermal barrier to reflect heat before it soaks in
  • Skirts coated with molybdenum anti scuff oil holding coating
    • This enhances the skirt's ability to hold a film of oil between the piston and the cylinder wall to reduce friction and wear

This Set Includes:

  • 8 Pistons. STD 6.5L bore.
  • 8 Wrist Pins
  • 16 Pin lock rings
  • 1 Set of Piston Rings to cover all 8 pistons. STD bore Size
  • Coating care info sheet

THESE ARE NOT RETURNABLE so please ask any questions before purchasing.

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