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  • $199.99

Valve Cover Hold Down Bracket to prevent warping and leaks.
If you worked for the military in the past, you may have perfected the valve cover installation technique, but for most of us, this project can be a hassle.   If you've ever finished your build only to have a pesky valve cover leak, you know what we mean!   This kit will hold your gasket and/or valve cover in perfect position and apply even force around the perimeter of the stamped steel cover to ensure you get it right the first time.
Made from 1/4" Stainless Steel to form the contour of the valve cover rim.  1 kit does 1 engine or 2 valve covers.
Comes with the valve cover stud kit, making installing valve covers and gaskets even easier and less prone to leaking.  
  • Full engagement in head threads for better clamping force
  • Allen head broached in studs for easy install and removal
  • 4 long studs included for accessory bracket mounting
  • Guarantees exact alignment of gasket surface to head/valve cover.
  • Compatible with GM 6.2 and 6.5L diesel engines
Tighten studs snug, tighten nuts to OE specs, 16 ft-lbs. 

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