AirDog Lift Pump Systems

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $645.00

Complete, filtered, fuel system upgrades for your 6.5L diesel! These kits will replace your stock tank strainer sock, lift pump, and filters; replacing them all with the best quality modern components available.

We offer a few different lift pump setups to suit different needs.  The main reason some owners prefer these units is due to the fact they put everything in one spot as far as filters and the lift pump.

  • AirDog II-5G
    • New for 2023!
    • This replaces the 4G model moving forward
    • Built in adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Airdog II-4G with pre and post pump filtration & water separation (DISCONTINUED IN 2023)
    • Pre-Set for 8-10 PSI
    • Georotor pump design with no vanes to wear out
    • Variable speed "On Demand Fuel Technology" with quieter operation
    • Multiple flow ratings available, however, the 100GPH is most commonly used and is what we stock
  • AirDog FP-100
    • The original AirDog
    • Continuous duty cycle operation. Slightly louder than newer versions
  • AirDog Raptor
    • Check our other listings for the lower cost Raptor pump which does not have built in filtration
  • Pump assembly mounting bracket
  • Fuel pump relay kit to eliminate all factory wiring
  • Instructions
  • Fuel lines and fittings
  • Industry leading Lifetime warranty through AirDog. Please be sure to register your product with them once installed.
    • All models have a lifetime warranty
  • FREE shipping

We do recommend that you purchase our DS4 injection pump inlet upgrade fittings, billet fuel sending unit with true 1/2" suction tube,  and some additional fuel line to complete the installation of these units. We do not recommend using the default installation with stock fuel lines.

Full product information  (for the 4G unit) can be found @

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