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AirDog Raptor 4G Lift Pump

AirDog Raptor 4G Lift Pump

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $454.00

The AirDog Raptor RP-4G 100GPH is the non-filtered line of lift pumps that AirDog offers.

  • Industry leading Lifetime warranty through AirDog. Please be sure to register your product with them once installed
  • Internally regulated and user-adjustable
  • Sandwich plate mounting system installs along the frame rail of your GMT400 truck
  • Installs inline between the fuel tank and factory fuel line where the original lift pump will be removed
    • We recommend using our billet fuel module upgrade for a true full 1/2" suction line that does not use a factory fuel pickup and strainer in the tank
    • We do not recommend using the compression fittings that come with this kit to install into factory fuel lines
  • Includes fuel lines

Full Instruction manual here : Click for Manual