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Battery Relocation Tray

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $69.94

A heavy steel battery tray used to safely move your passenger front battery to the side of the fender.  This is a common change to make in order to re-locate your intake piping and air filter to the area behind the headlights where the actual intake snorkel originates.

Perfect for running 4" intake plumbing with less bends to allow the required airflow demanded by upgraded turbos.

Installation will require 4x 3/8" bolts with lock nuts and a quick trim to the hold-down studs once you get your battery situated.  This is due to some fluctuations in battery size and fitment on each truck. Stock battery cable lengths will reach the battery in the new location. Make sure all cables are retained well and stay away from moving parts and the heat of exhaust manifolds.  If you need to relocate any ground wires, such as the headlight ground, they can be co-located to the tray and negative terminal wire.

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