Billet Fuel Pickup Module

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $225.00

New for 2020! A Quadstar Exclusive product. 

This billet aluminum fuel pickup module will completely replace and upgrade your factory fuel module in the 6.5L turbo diesel truck fuel tank.  Whether you need to replace the factory FSU and just don't want to invest in another flimsy stock unit or you are at the level where you need a larger suction line for your upgraded lift pump, this is the solution for your rig!  

This product is intended to fit GMT400 diesel vehicles only.  Please select the correct model when ordering for Truck or Suburban/Tahoe/Blazer/Cab and Chassis. This does NOT fit Vans. They have a different style fuel tank and sending unit module.


  • Billet aluminum head assembly
    • 8AN Outlet Fittings for 1/2" hose
    • 6AN Return fittings for 3/8" return hose
      • Fittings and hose are included to adapt the factory 5/16" fuel return hose to our larger fittings
    • 5/8" Vent hose fitting
    • 1/2" PFTE suction tube
    • 3/8" PTFE return hose
    • 8' of 1/2" Pushlock hose
    • Stainless steel hanger bracket and hardware to hold the suction and return lines in place
    • 140 micron inline filter to install in the 1/2" hose before your lift pump.
      • This filter replaces the functionality of the factory "fuel sock" and is now external to the tank for serviceability.
    • Thread sealant for all NPT threads

Why might you need this unit?

  • You want a true 1/2" fuel suction line. Zero restriction between your lift pump and the fuel supply to extend pump life and stabilize fuel pressure under any flow demand
  • You want the ability to run completely new fuel and return lines and don't want to mess with the factory FSU and metric fittings
  • Rust is a concern and you don't want to install another stamped steel stock FSU
  • You want to run the Metrum Rod fuel level sending unit to stabilize fuel level readings and ditch the factory fuel level float.

    Some assembly is required. We'll post an informational video as this product evolves.


    • This product is designed to use Leroy Diesel's Metrum Rod fuel level sending unit. If you don't have one already, you'll need to purchase one along with our fuel module since the stock fuel level float is not compatible.

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