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Center Mount to Side Mount Conversion High Flow Plenum

Crazy Mater Fab

  • $525.00
  • Save $50

Bolt-on solution to use a center mount turbo 6.5L engine with side mount turbo exhaust manifolds!

The used market often has an abundance of center mount turbocharger engines from Vans, Busses, and H1 Hummers.  Due to a difference in the cylinder head bolt angle, you can't simply swap on a truck intake to use these engines in a side-mount turbo application.  This kit fixes that problem.  Simply bolt this setup onto the van lower intake manifolds and use a GMT400 6.5L truck turbo exhaust manifold and go!


  • CNC Billet Aluminum Intake Crossover Plenum
    • Does not include lower intakes. This bolts onto your existing lower intake halves
  • 3" Curved inlet pipe to turbocharger
    • V-band clamp and o-ring seal the pipe to the CNC intake crossover at the rear (as pictured)

Add-Ons (must select one):

  • Stock GM turbo connection kit
  • Holset style 74mm V-Band connection kit
  • Bolt & Gasket kit
  • Exclude. Don't include turbo to plenum connection parts

See our other listings if you need the S Plate to block off the center mount turbo oil feed and drain passages.

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