Due to high demand, tuning turnaround is a minimum of 2 weeks. Current lead times on custom built turbos is ~1 month. Please plan accordingly. We thank you for your support of the finest parts available for the 6.5L Turbo diesel platform!

DS4 Electronic Injection Pump - NEW

DS4 Electronic Injection Pump - NEW


  • $1,699.00
  • Save $51

Brand new, DS4831-5521S ULSD upgraded injection pump.  Grey PMD included. 

These are part of the latest and final 2020 production run that came from Stanadyne.  When they are gone, they are gone.  These are also run on the test bench before they ship even though they are new.

All model numbers other than 5068 are compatible with a 5521 replacement.  If you have a 5068, you can run this pump with a tune update to match it.

NO CORE RETURN REQUIRED since this is a 100% new pump.



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