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Fuel Inlet Upgrade for DB Pumps

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $14.99

DB2 injection pump 3/8" (6AN) fuel supply upgrade.  This replaces the restrictive factory 1/4" inlet fitting that screws into the head assembly and allows you to run new, larger, fuel lines.  You can flow enough fuel through a GM style nose cone and these fittings to blow the bottom end out of a 6.5 diesel. Changing the nose cone for a larger inlet is not required as long as your lift pump keeps up with the fuel demand.

Featuring 100% anodized aluminum construction for corrosion protection against any bio diesel and/or fuel additives.

Both fittings are full-flow style and the hose barb is a push lock style. Does not require an unattractive hose clamp or expensive braided hoses for this low pressure system.

This set only includes the fittings for the injection pump. If you are using a stock FFM then you'll have to drill and tap it to accept a larger fitting for 3/8" outlet. We recommend upgrading to one of our spin-on style filters instead of using stock filter managers, however.

(This is intended to be used on GM 6.2 and 6.5L DB2 pumps only)

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