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Harland Sharp Roller Rockers

Harland Sharp

  • $745.00
  • Save $63

The ultimate rocker arm for the 6.5L to replace factory stamped steel sets, center rockers on valves, and remove unwanted valvetrain play.

  Key Features: 

  • 16 shaft-rocker arms with roller tips
    • Quadstar exclusive laser engraved logos and ratio
  • Ratio (specify when ordering):
    • 1.5:1 Ratio for stock replacement roller rockers
      • The factory ratio is 1.5
    • 1.6:1 Ratio for slightly increased valve lift
      • Valve clearance should be checked on a full build
      • You can upgrade to 1.6 without clearance issues in MOST situations.  Assuming the engine is totally stock with no changes, 1.6 rockers will be fine.  
    • 1.7:1 Ratio for extreme builds
      • Pistons must be modified for valve clearance
      • 1.7 has a longer wait/custom order lead time
  • Billet spacer kit for alignment
    • Shims may need moved around during initial fitment testing to center the rocker arms on the valve tips. This is a normal step for installation.
  • Latest revision for a trouble-free installation
  • Eliminates need for the factory plastic rocker arm retainers
  • Bolts are not included. Factory mounting bolts will be re-used.


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