Heavy Duty Glow Plug Harness

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $159.99
  • Save $15

Genuine, upgraded, replacement glow plug wiring harness for 6.2 and 6.5L diesel engines

    • 12ga high temp wire, all protected by fusible links and heat shield
    • All connections are crimped AND soldered
    • Longer length to allow better routing like GM did on late models
      • The passenger side wires route across or under the intake, in front of the cylinder head, then back to the glow plugs
    • Eliminates the small extensions the factory used on passenger side wires
    • Cross compatible with the older pre 1997 and later 1997.5+ configuration since we include the option to splice or plug in the indicator light wire depending on the model year (Both configurations shown in the photos)
    • Black high heat insulation on all wires

    Fits : 6.2 and 6.5L diesel (side mount turbo) engines regardless of model year. This is a universal fit that may route differently than your stock harness did.

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