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Fuel Inlet Upgrade for DS Pumps

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $34.99

DS4 injection pump 3/8" fuel supply upgrade.  This replaces the restrictive factory 1/4" inlet fitting that screws into the regulator assembly and allows you to run new fuel lines. 

Now featuring 100% aluminum construction! Our adapter fittings are milled from virgin aluminum stock, specifically for this application.

Both fittings are full-flow style for maximum performance and the hose barb is a push lock style. Does not require an unattractive hose clamp or expensive braided hoses for this low pressure system.

If you want to use a stock FFM (fuel filter manager), simply order two sets of 90* fittings!  You can drill/tap your FFM and screw in the same fitting that goes on the injection pump and run a 3/8" connecting hose up and over the plenum to attach.

You can also order the 120* style if you want to route the hose under the lower intake plenum similar to where the factory supply line was.

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