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6.5L OBDI Multi-Position Tuner for 1994-1995

Quadstar Tuning LLC

  • $600.00

A Quadstar Tuning exclusive!  Customized to fit the 1994 and 1995 6.5L diesels with a removable chip in the PCM.

This is a plug & play unit that holds up to 8 tunes for switching on the fly with our digital selector.  The number of tunes can be programmed anywhere from 3 to 8 total positions and is completely flexible.

The 8 position model is all that's available as of May 2024. Please select that option when ordering.

Each tune will be created per your vehicle specifications but some examples include:

  1. Fuel Disable Valet or Speed Limiter
  2. High Idle or Quiet Idle
  3. Stock
  4. Enhanced Stock
  5. Economy
  6. Light Towing
  7. Heavy Towing
  8. Performance
  9. Race - Performance + limiters removed

Don't fall for generic HP/TQ gain advertisements! When you talk to us about what you can expect from tuning, you talk to the actual tuner who will be manipulating your tuner to deliver what we promise!

Please review our documentation and YouTube videos for comprehensive installation and operation instructions/FAQ.  Vehicle details are collected after purchase and before we create your tunes. Please check your email within 24 hours of purchase for that information.

New for 2022 : The switches are now a 2-1/16 standard gauge style so they can be mounted in gauge pods or universal gauge brackets! There are some style options you MUST select before adding to cart. The rectangular switch is discontinued due to chip availability.

 *PCM Not included. You will use your existing PCM


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