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Remanufactured DS4 Injection Pump with PMD

Flight Systems

  • $750.00

GM DS 6.5L Fuel Injection Pump

These pumps go through a thorough re-manufacturing process and get reassembled to OE specifications. Components are completely cleaned, inspected, and tested. Worn or damaged components are replaced with new to ensure maximum quality and longevity. All of our re-manufactured 6.5L DS pumps include a brand new Flight Systems PMD and wiring harness.  Pumps are also quality inspected and tested to OE specifications to ensure that your vehicle gets back on the road as soon as possible.

The encoder sensors are 100% reworked due to the age of the vehicle population and core. This rework addresses cold solder joints that cause latent or intermittent failures. A stand-alone test is then performed on each encoder, ensuring a signal quality above the industry standard. The pump is also tested as a full assembly before being shipped to install on your vehicle.

Key Features:

  • 100% Rework of encoder sensor (optic sensor). We repair the sensors vs just replacing with a used one and hoping it will last. See details below.
  • 100% Brand New Flight Systems USA PMD
  • 100% Brand New PMD wiring harness
  • Fully tested and calibrated to OE spec. Matching calibration resistor is pre-installed in the PMD.
  • 1 Year Unlimited mileage warranty through the manufacturer, to the original purchaser
  • Built and tested in Pennsylvania, USA


This is the DS-5521 model. Interchange part numbers are all as follows. DS4-5288, 5459, 5521, 5942, 10238969, 12552621, 12561307, 17800077, 12561405, 12558156, 17800114, 19208317, 19208315, 10225930, 19209059. 1994-2002 GM Trucks, Vans, Hummers, and some later model Hummers as well.

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