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Straight Outlet Upper Intake Tube

Crazy Mater Fab

  • $94.99

Complete your performance intake system with our laser cut, hand-fabricated upper intake tube for 6.2L and 6.5L diesels.  These come in multiple versions to support many different configurations.  Perfect for mechanical or electronic injection trucks with no extra fab work required to figure out where sensors will go.  The pipe diameter is 3" and it is flanged to securely hold couplings on your boosted application.

 Intake Base Plate Option:

  • 6 bolt F Code 6.5L flange. 3/8" thick. Compatible with non-egr intakes.
  • 2 bolt J Code 6.2L flange. Also fits non-egr 6.2 intakes that have the same bolt pattern as the J Code. Requires RTV to seal.

 Sensor Style Option:

If you are unsure, trucks built before 1994 had mechanical injection. 1994 and newer trucks have electronic injection with a PMD.

  • Mechanical Injection - 2x 1/8" NPT sensor bungs with plugs.
  • Electronic Injection - 2x 1/8" NPT bungs, MAP Sensor Flange, and IAT sensor bung. The only simple BOLT-ON plenums for DS4 injection trucks
  • Neither style requires a "boost bolt" since the ports are built into the flange for you!

Flange bolts are included with all styles. 6.5L flange styles include a new gasket also.

*These are fabricated to order and can take up to a week to ship.  Please ask about custom configurations as well!

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